About Lee Ann

I was born in Holmes County, the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. Along with my three brothers and one sister, I spent most of my young childhood either playing with Amish neighbors or helping out in one of Mom's restaurants. When I was ten, my family moved to urban Virginia, and we did not return to Holmes County until just prior to my senior year of high school. As a teenager, comfortable with city living, I did not adapt well to the slow-paced life of the country.

After graduation, I wanted to get as far from the area as possible. I attended Palm Beach Atlantic College in Florida, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Management. After working in Orlando for a short time, I soon figured out that the traffic and hectic pace was not for me. When I learned I only had one week a year for vacation to visit my family, I realized where my priorities were, and soon moved back home.

While waitressing with Amish friends at my Mom's restaurant, Grandma's Homestead, I began to reconnect with the people and the area. But the real connection came when something magical happened. I met a young Amish mason who came to build my Mother's fireplace. Daryl Miller, a mason and carpenter by trade, was raised in an Amish family. We met and fell in love at first sight. Our courtship lasted 26 days and culminated on Christmas Day 1991, with marriage in a small village in Switzerland.

In 1992, Daryl and his uncle built Grandma's Homestead Bed & Breakfast which he and I, along with Mom, opened in April 1993. The B&B boasts a large gathering/dining room, and I expanded on my own love of cooking by preparing and serving delicious country breakfasts and evening desserts to the guests. As a personal touch, a member of our family is always on hand to cook and serve breakfast to the guests.

Daryl and I lived above the B&B for several years before moving in with Mom in a new home on the family farm. Our family has grown to include two sons, Teddy and Joe, who also spend time with us in the kitchen.

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